Who lives dot-dot-dot in a house like this?

This part of the house dates all the way back to 1983...

Answer, in two parts:

a) Well, it used to be the Osbournes.

b) But ’twill soon be Christina Aguilera, of singing fame. ‘Cause she’s bought it off-of the Osbournes, ‘parently.


Here’s what Ozzy said re. the house not so long ago:

‘I don’t want to stay in that house any more. The house holds bad memories for me because it reminds me of the terrible time Sharon got cancer and of times when me and the kids were doped out of our minds.’

Fair enough.

And someone who knows someone who knows someone else, reckons Christina’s gone and paid an undisclosed sum for the gaff, and plans to turn it into her base in London’s Glittering Los Angeles.

Now let’s look at the stairs in said house:


Now let’s look at a picture of a naked gennelman:

Oh hello.
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2 comments to “Who lives dot-dot-dot in a house like this?”

  1. The house that style forgot.

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  2. I almost moved into a house like this in Wilmslow, but lost out in a bidding war to someone from Manchester United Football Club. Damn.

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