See this man?

Ooh, sexy.

Oh no sorry, this one:

Don't look at me, I'm shy!

So he’s MP Alexander Chuev, one o’ those retardenoid Russian homophobes – you know, the ones that are running their country. Anways, here’s a heavily edited snippet of what he’s said about gennelmen who opt for bumming of other male gennelmen:






Shush, now.

Anyways, guess what – he’s a gay!

Who knew, pop-pickers. And he was outed by Russian gay activist Nicolas Alexeyev on live telly yesterday, on the ‘K baryeru’ show. How fun. This is what Nic had to say on the matter:

‘We showed all hypocrisy of the representatives of the present Russian authorities.

‘They have secret homosexual relationships but at the same time they do all their best in order to slander gays and lesbians.

‘I am ready to prove at any court or prosecution office that deputy Chuev is gay and to produce corresponding proofs.’

Chuev’s response was that he wants to punch that nice Nic man. ‘Cause that’s mature.

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  1. Who knew indeed. Anyone who spouts homophobic abuse is obviously just gagging for it. It’s basic psychology.

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