And it doesn’t look a day over 149…

Celebrating the 150th birthday of the Victoria and Albert Museum of Gorgeous Things

Happy birthday Mister President

Call us shallow, but our favourite bit about the 150th birthday of the V&A in London’s Glittering Kensington is the fact that there’s going to be a smashing garden party tomorrow no doubt filled to the rafters with designers and fabulously wealthy people and us chugging whatever anyone pours into our glasses, celebrity DJs, some fancy little finger food brought round by sexy waiters, Zandra Rhodes (probably) talking to an excited person from St. Martin’s… 

Pictures on the Wednesday. But other exciting things are also happening.

Foremost among those exciting things, to commemorate the fact that pretty much any designer that’s come out of London has spent formative years sketching and jotting and fingering keyrings in the shop at the V&A, the museum has asked 150 of them (you get the significance of the number) to contribute to a special book.

Paul Smith has done it (see that pic up there? that’s him) as have Tracy Emin and Norman Foster and, ooh, lots of people. This book will be available for purchase at the V&A and fine bookshops.

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3 comments to “And it doesn’t look a day over 149…”

  1. Happy b’day to you, happy b’day to you…… etc.

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  2. Betty, will you be there for a walkabout? Its named after yer great gran n all?

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  3. I’m otherwise engaged that night, malheureusement. I’m practicing my French, then there’s a private audience with the pop phenomenon, Beverley Craven.

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