Finger this fabric…

Ooh, look, a nice dolly gym bag. With a celebrity price tag!

Finger that fabric

Probably not the most practical of fabrics for carrying rolled up gym socks and the jock strap you stole from the changing rooms, but Emma Hope’s velvet totes are so totally j’adorable and, like, tactile that we feel we may be willing to run the risk of all that fecal matter that seems to be flying about in gym-gay-siums if Channel 4’s Embarrassing Illnesses is anything to go by…

They’re apparently being called Magic Baskets, they come in a range of jewel colours (we’re liking that pink though the blue would bring out the colour in our eyes/skin/socks) and you can even buy sneakers that match (though they do look a little like something Lilly Langtry might have been caught flashing to the Prince of Wales back at the turn of the last century).

As with all Emma Hope product, these are available from her boutiques in Islington, Sloane Square and Westbourne Grove or – if you’re an American-type person – from outlets like Neiman Marcus.

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  1. I like these a lot.

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