Gay dear?

According to people who know about these things, this is the gayest house in America:

Nice gaff. 

It’s Philip Johnson’s 1949 modernist masterpiece, the ‘Glass House’ in Connecticut (ooooOOOOooooh), which has just opened to the public as a National Trust for Historic Preservation. Which must be nice. Anyways, this is what them knowing types had to say ’bout it, via a tip-off from these gennelmen:

‘Seen as a single entity, the Glass House/Brick House structures add up to the gayest house in America, an architectural enactment of a life lived with a rigorous division between the public and the private. Not that Johnson, a man who enjoyed wealth throughout his life, lived that particular dichotomy of hiding and revealing in the way that less fortunat men had to. But even at the level of its mechanical systems, the two-house dyad seems like a metaphor for the publicly brilliant homosexual: The Glass House is enticingly open but dependent on the Brick House for its hidden electrical and plumbing connections.’


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  1. Don’t know about gay, but it’s certainly very nice. I’d live there. Might have to put up some net curtains, mind, what with people prying.

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