Kat Slater is the new Beverley

Jessie Wallace updates Abigail’s Party for the Pot Noodle generation.

Say after me, 'I have very nice lips'

Ask any gay over the age of 30 and he will be able to recite about 97% of Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party (we know Bananarama can – and they’re not strictly speaking gay men). It was set in Romford in the 70s and was all about a social-climbing monster (who you couldn’t help but j’adore) called Beverley. She liked her Donna Summer, her top ups, her erotic bedroom art and knew that to put lipstick on properly you needed to reach each and every corner of your lips. 

Now, BBC executypes have casted Jessie ‘Kat Slater’ Wallace as the 2007 update… and guess who co-stars!

Alison Steadman. Yes, that’s right! Alison Steadman who played the original Beverley. Also in it – and don’t necessarily let this put you off – is Lee Evans. Yes, him of annoying fame. It’s all called People Like Us and it’s about a couple who relocate from London to the country only to find everyone thinks they’re chavs. Which they are. And it all sounds a little more Birds of a Fevver than anything… Which is also good.


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  1. *lets out a bit of wee* Seriously. This is very good news indeed, and will light up more than the odd lonely evening in front of the telly with me salad-in-a-Tupperware-box no end.

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