Who lives dot-dot-dot in a house like this?

Nice bush. 

Hint: Madonna.

So OGL has bought this place – her sixth property in London – right next door to the one she currently lives in, in London’s glittering Marylebone. Saves on the commute.

Some factoids. You may want to write these down:

– It cost £6million-ish.

– ‘Twas bought off-of designer-developer Paul Davies, who knows a thing or two about designing and also developing.

– It’s very nice.

– ‘Parently, Jennifer Saunders and Mario Testino were also after it.

– Off-street parking’s like gold dust round ‘ere.

– It’s handy for Waitrose.

– Her other London properties are shared out amongst staff and Kabbalah types, including a place in the West End and a house by Regents Park.

– OGL ‘n’ Guy also have Cecil Beaton’s old gaff, Ashcombe House in Wilthsire.

Ooooh, likey. 

Lovely, non?

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  1. Still not as big as my place.

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