Proud of yourself, Chris Moyles?

Stonewall do the biggest ever survey of gay schoolkids and find that, guess what, between them Chris Moyles and Section 28 are still making lives a misery…

School book

If you are a gay or lesbian school student reading this (welcome!), you’ll know how supportive and tolerant your fellow schoolers (and teachers!) are about your ‘mosexuality. Especially if you go to one of those nice Faith Schools. A recent survey by Stonewall has found that 65% of students at Secondary Schools had been directly bullied – with that going up to 75% in Faith Schools (such a great idea! Don’t just brainwash ’em at home, but carry on the work at school)!

The survey also found…

…that a massive 97% (that’s pretty much everyone) heard homophobic words such as ‘poof’ and ‘dyke’, while only 23% of school students had ever been told that homophobic abuse was wrong. Even more disturbing was the news that only 7% of teachers routinely challenged homophobic abuse with a higher percentage responsible for it!

It makes grim but fascinating reading and you can fill in the gaps round about here. Oh, and the Chris Moyles connection? His beloved ‘that’s so gay’ was almost universal and contributed to an atmosphere where gay and lesbian students felt unwelcome and threatened. Nice work, fatty!

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2 comments to “Proud of yourself, Chris Moyles?”

  1. Faith schools are an abomination. Schools should be about education, not indoctrination. Tony Blair should be ashamed of himself on this count. It’s one big time-bomb.

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  2. Scary innit? You can imagine how quick they are to jump on racism in schools. Why they don’t have the same reaction to homophobic behaviour is beyond me.

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