Roisin Murphy – your questions, deep withinside of her.

You asked the questions, we put them to her, she answered them. And you can’t say fairer than that.

Have your fares ready, please.

Who’s your favourite puppet? Gordon the Gopher

What gets you really angry? Bobo
Almost so many things that I can hardly even bear myself mentioning them or we’ll be here all day.

Whatever happened to good dance music? Eric
I have this half-baked theory that… well, this record is influenced by late 70s/early 80s and late 80s/early 90s stuff so I do have this strange idea that the middle of the decade is never good for music. I think either end seems to be good.

Where do you buy your clothes from? Clarence79
Everywhere! I borrow from everywhere as well. All the press people in London know me because I go and collect my own clothes from stylists and stuff. I don’t do High Street.

Who or what were you in a past life? Justin
Well, apparently I was a witch. Some red-feather told me. He’s a guy who regresses you. He told me I was a white witch, well, a witch. I don’t even know if I was a white witch because he has to come to counsel me. He channelled St. Germain to talk to me. Not the house producer, the real guy. he said that he had been with me before they burnt me at the stake and that I need to forgive the male archetype. Let everyone know that I’m not that deadpan though and don’t take it 100% seriously.

What do you do to hydrate your skin? Melanie ‘Mel’ Sykes
Not much.

You always strike me as a fun person. Are you? Flowery Bonnet

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? Clarabell
Minnie Riperton, Frank Sinatra, Sonic Youth, Parliament… the list goes on.

Do you believe in me? Jesus

What is your favourite jacket potato filling? Mr. Potato Head
Baked beans.

The new album seems much more mainstream than your first album… Michael
When I listen back to that first album, there are quite a lot of things that sound like pop music to me. But I didn’t set out to make an avant-garde record. I just started to make a record with Matthew Herbert and we had fun. It wasn’t like we were sitting around thinking, ‘Right now we’ve got to be really arty’ although some of the things we used to make music were a bit out there.

Was it fun recording with Matthew Herbert? Diana, late princess of Wales
It was great fun. He’s really like a teacher; a sweet, nurturing type of person. I was a bit of a state when i started making it and by the end I was in a really happy place.


Roisin Murphy’s new single, ‘Overpowered’ is out on Monday, 2nd July. Is it July already?  


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  1. She sounds Delightful!

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  2. Considering all the silly questions you received, I’d say you showed class in answering as many as you did. Thank you for that – we hope you at least had a little giggle!

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  3. Is it me, or does Roisin look like Yvette in that photo?

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