Rufus Wainwright announces new UK tour!

Oh good.


So here’s the detalia:

– It’ll be a ten-date affair.

– It’ll be in the Autumn, a season known for its colour.

– It opens in Gateshead – a northern place – on 13th October, finishing off at London’s glittering Hammersmith Apollo on 30th October.

– Scott Matthews will be his spesh guest. Us either.

– Tickets are available from this place, from Friday 29th June.

– An exclusive pre-sale for fans will be available on Wednesday 26th June, at this interdolly place.

– For more bumf of a similar nature, go here.

– And c) and d).

– Thankings.

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3 comments to “Rufus Wainwright announces new UK tour!”

  1. No thanks.

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  2. I think I’m listening to the sound of nails being dragged down a blackboard on that night.

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  3. Nice wallpaper panels though

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