Chantelle and Preston split. Like, officially and everything.

*keels over from the shock, just missing the corner of a Queen Anne side-board*

A sad, sad situation.

So Chantelle and Preston of-no-discernable-fame fame have, what is known in the business as, split up.


And there’s an official statement AND EVERYTHING. And it goes something like this:

‘After much soul-searching and tearful discussions we have sadly decided to end our marriage.
We hope we can always remain friends and still love each other, but we both think we put so much pressure on one another to make our marriage work that it has ended up destroying our relationship. No-one else is involved in our decision.
We know people will think we married too quickly on the back of Big Brother, but the truth is that, despite what anyone thinks, we did have a whirlwind romance but we were genuinely in love with each other at the time and we will never regret our time together.
We both believe in marriage and we never treated our vows or our commitment to each other lightly. We’ve spent hours and hours discussing whether we can salvage our marriage, give it another go, try harder, anything rather than give up.
But we now both agree that we should go our seperate ways. We are both young and we still have our lives in front of us. The last two weeks or so have been very upsetting and sad for us and our friends and family and we appreciate their support.
We do not plan to make any further comment.’


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2 comments to “Chantelle and Preston split. Like, officially and everything.”

  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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  2. Couldn’t they have killed each other, too?

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