Emma Peel goes Almodovar

Diana Rigg to play Huma Rojo in All About My Mother. Live on stage and everything.

Nothing like a dame

It’s a weird old story of a mother on a journey after her son dies, taking in nuns (played in the movie by Penelope Cruz),¬†transsexual fathers, torch singers and all the madness you’d expect from the Spanish director we love so hard.

Now, under the aegis (or something) of Kevin La Spacey, Dame Diana Rigg – of Avengers fame – is to play, Huma Rojo, the larger-than-life diva the woman’s son obsessed over. Also starring are…

Lesley Manville, who you’ll know from a bunch of Mike Leigh films like Vera Drake and Secrets and Lies and some girl who used to be in Coronation Street.

It all kicks off at the end of August with an official first night on 4th September (what are you going to wear?) and Lady Kevin Spacey is over the moon. As is our Pedro Almodovar: ‘I’ve been a fan of Diana’s for all these years,’ says Pedro in a heavy Espanish accent. ‘And I am thrilled she will be playing Huma’.

It’s the first time anyone’s done an Almodovar on stage in English so it’s a pretty big deal.

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  1. I loves meself a nice Dame, do I. I’m thinking of making Joanna Lumley one. But certainly not that ‘Nastly Little Cunt Kylie TM’. Oh no.

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