Guess what those lovely Russian homophobes have done now, pop-pickers!

I likes me outfit

Members of a Russian Orthodox something or other claim to have cleansed the Moscow River, the day after a cruise ship rammed to the very rafters with gays of a homosexual nature had a little old cruise on it. Pun, like, soooo intended.

200 members of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods – last seen licking windows on a 25-seater coach-ette (it was a v tight fit) – took to the waters with their magical healing powers, and doth rid the mucky river of its ‘mo detritus and baby Jesus knows what else.

*washes hands with one of them dry antibacterial things that over-protective mothers carry*

Taking the exact same route as the back bottom-bumming cruisers had mere hours earlier, Yuri Ageshchev, did sayeth that their aim was to cleanse ‘the filth that filled the river after the trip of a big company of homosexuals.’

Oh good.

Oh and just for your records, this is the slogan of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods:

‘We are Russians, God is with us’.

Think we’ll be the judge of that.

Now let’s look at Daniel Craig’s penis:

Oh sorry, I seem to have dropped my soap. 

*let’s out a bit of white wee*

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3 comments to “Guess what those lovely Russian homophobes have done now, pop-pickers!”

  1. I’ve just been bummed, and i need cleansing, quick-smart like. can i have their number please?

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  2. They’re so retarded it could almost be funny – but then you don’t know what these freaks are capable of….

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  3. I love those dolly robes they wear though, don’t you? With the very high bonnets: lengthens the face, slenderises the body.

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