Lovely produce for-to make yourself scientifically more beautiful

Do you have skin?

Are you a fun sort of person?

Does this fun involve perhaps drinking and/or snouting and/or exposing yourself to dangerous levels of UV lightage?

Do you fear a loss of elasticity in your skin resulting in premature ageing resulting in troutiness resulting in less shags?

Then this product may be for you:

A product for beautifying oneself.

Qu’est ce que c’est, etc.?
It’s Prescriptives’ Super Line Preventor XTreme.

But what does it do?
Well, it’s an updated version of the classic Line Preventor – launched in 1985 – now fit-to-bursting with fancy-pants stuff developed by fancy-pants people who know a thing or two about stopping your skin getting ratty, namely a cocktail of powerful antioxidants going by the name of SLP-X and containing things like turmeric root extract and pomegranate and a vitamin C and E combo and creatine and hexapeptide and things. And what SLP-X does is target them free-radicals caused by pesky environmental miscreants – you know, smoke and ozone and pollution and UV light and the like – thereby preventing wrinkles slash improving the appearance of any you may already have. Hooray!

So when can I get this of which you speak?
July 1st is when it’s launced. Stockists on this number – 0870 034 2566.

‘Ow much?
30ml = £35; 50ml = £49.

The end.


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