‘Come over here, you hot monster!’

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Megan Mullally of Karen Walker fame (yes! this is her!) becomes The Bride of Frankenstein!

You’ll remember The Producers, the old Mel Brooks movie made into a musical then a musical film meaning much money and many many awards.

Well, you knew they wouldn’t be able to leave that golden goose untouched. Mel Brooks is coming back with a musical version of an old Mel Brooks movie made into a – you’ll never guess! – musical! Oh! But the most excitement is that the star of said Broadway musical is to be none other than our very own Karen Walker…

Yes, theatre-goers, Megan Mullally, the woman who brought hard-drinking, hard-talking, plain HARD Karen Walker to the world will star Dr. Frankenstein’s girlfriend (though she does end up having hot nasty sex with the monster), Elizabeth, played in the movie (and really brilliantly) by Madeline Kahn.

It all kicks off in Seattle on 7th August (ah, so that’s why she had to pull out of Kismet) in what’s known in the business as an out-of-town run-through. The real action starts on 11th October at the Hilton Theatre (or Theater even) on Broadway, though the opening night’s not until 9th November.

Our tickets are already booked!

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  1. Hurrah!!! I hope it comes over London way, with Megs in tow…..

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