Fag Hag Diary


Chantelle ‘n’ Preston, RIP.


If there’s one person who should be cracking open the Cristalle today it’s Camille. Remember her? She was the elegant, educated and oh so chic French girl who got given the ‘sack’ by Preston off-of Big Brother so he could run off with a bleached promotions girl caked in sticky pink lip gloss.

And now as he spends the day dividing his Hedi Slimane belts from her New Look ones and his Lou Reed albums from her Scooch greatest hits (quite a short CD that one) we must give pause because… well, we don’t like to say we told you so Preston but… oh fuck it, who are we trying to kid, we positively LOVE to say; one, two three – WE TOLD YOU SO!


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  1. So cruel and yet so right.

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