A question about Danielle Lloyd…

who has, this very day, said that she will not be getting back with her ex-client boyfriend, Marcus Bent…

How much to take these off?

How did she manage to get away with the whole racist thing?

While Jo off-of S Club is currently taking chunks out of her arms and fingering bottles of Paracetamol with a far-away look in her eyes and Jade Goody is getting knocked up at a furious pace in an attempt to regain any public sympathy (on a magazine shoot after the BB race incident, she was sobbing so furiously and heart-breakingly some people even stopped laughing!), Danielle is out there slagging around just like she always has. And she was the vilest of them all.

Based on her having got off scott free, we have come up with the following rules for reality show contestants caught up in race rows…

1. Never refer to said race row. ‘What race row? Someone was in a race and they had a row about it? Didn’t hear nuffing about that.’

2. Go about your business as if said race row never happened. In this case, attend parties, pick up footballers or other wealthy men of indeterminate looks, take them home and fuck them in the hope that money will soon come your way.

3. Take all monies offered by magazines and give none of those monies to charity, which would be an admittal of guilt for said race row incidents (refer back to 1 above)

4. Ask Beverley Knight to have her photograph taken with you (unfortunately for DL, this point didn’t quite work as BK told her to fuck right off).

5. Get Shilpa – your race victim – to pose with you. Being a publicity-hungry kind of character, she will do this.


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3 comments to “A question about Danielle Lloyd…”

  1. Well said! I’d been thinking about this. How the fuck did Jade lose a career and this old slapper gain one? I suppose people wanted to see her tits more than Jade’s. And I think the whole ‘don’t apologise’ thing is true.

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  2. Hypocrisy, anyone? Bien sur.

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  3. What do you expect? She’s a scouse, and they’re all racists.

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