Amanda Lepore, for sale at last!

Leave it to a hideously deformed/strangely beautiful trannie to make some money out of her deformity/beauty. In a retail kind of way.

What do we get for our money here, exactly?

You know Amanda Lepore. She’s the one that Jodie Harsh wants to be. The New York City trannie with all the right nightclub connections despite the fact that she’s now officially 74 years of age.

Well, that clever old gender illusionist has just launched a range of… what are we calling this? Schmutter? So you can actually buy into the whole Lepore… what are we calling this? Lifestyle? Here’s what you can get…

For a start you can get this 100% cotton tank top/vest (depending where you are when you’re reading this: in the UK a tank top has to be woollen, in the US a vest is more of a waistcoat) for just $35. It comes with a signature and everything.

If black’s not your sack, they come in white and in t-shirt form. And you can get them – and CDs and photos and goodness knows what else is on its way – from here.

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