Fag Hag Diary


And FH has some sartorial advice for Geri Halliwell

Repeat after me...

Question: If you’re appearing in front of the world’s media with four other image obsessed women to announce a massive multi-million pound comeback tour, might it be a good idea to perhaps consult each other beforehand about outfit decisions?

Gerimiah Kenneth Halliwell what were you thinking? Everyone else has gone lean, mean and black and you turn up looking like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Firstly, maxis are for six-foot 23-year-olds and even they don’t team them with Shoe Express platforms worn by Geordie teenagers.

Secondly, the itsy bitsy curly wurlies are just a bit creepy on a 34-year-old mother.

And lastly – when the pregnant woman on your left looks more svelte and stylish than you, it’s time to have an extreme makeover.

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  1. There’s a moose loose about this hoose

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