If we didn’t know better, we’d have thought Herbie Ritts was a gay

You know, all those pictures of Madonna and naked men and fashion and stuff… like this.

Och, you could never wear that down the supermarket

You’ll be able to make your own mind up until 11th September as London’s actually really glittering Hamilton’s Gallery at 13 Carlos Place (handy for the Curzon Mayfair and Auntie Viv Westwood’s shop) is putting on an exhibition of the late gay (oh, there you go, they’ve spoilt it) photographer’s oeuvre (that means ‘stuff’). It’s the first one in a decade and it includes…

Madonna peeking out of a window, Naomi looking like a hot bitch on a fur rug, men wrestling with chains like you’ve just seen (we can think of more fun things to wrestle with), a bunch of nakeds just stretching out and looking generally sculptural and some fashiony stuff, all in stunning black and white. That’s classic Herb Ritt for you. And we frankly don’t know where an expanse of gay wall would have been without him over the last nearly 30 years.

And there’ll no doubt be some posters available that you can buy and frame to make your room look like a classic gay room from the 90s then sell on eBay next year for much more than you paid. Sounds good to us.

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