Transformers. A review, thereof.

So there we were, chomping down on a Chomp with a side order of Finger of Fudge at what is known in the business as a screening of Transformers, and low and beholdeth we found it a very ‘citing thing indeedery.


Another Eighties nostalgia trip, with oodles of CGI and some hot ‘save the future of mankind’ uniformed types; notably Josh Duhamel. Who looks like this in limited garmentry:

Oh hello.

*has a white wee*

Also starring Shia ‘The Beef’ La Beouf and the could-pass-for-40-but-is-playing-a-teenager Megan Fox, who posed and pouted her way through the preview with the best of us.

Robots in disguise Optimus Prime and Megatron don’t play nice, especially on planet Earth. Not only are they squabbling over who gets to star in the next Citroen ad, but they’re threatening the future of humankind and, like, everything.

*humankind shits itself*

Shonky story aside – which also involves something about eBay and a Rubik’s Cube from what we could fathom – the effects are awesome, if you like that kind of effects-lead cine film. And if you don’t like that kind of effects-lead cine film, then surely ’tis worth the wait until the end where Josh strides a motorbike and saves the day. Hooray! Oh that rhymes.

Now let’s watch Eddie and Patsy going to the supermarket:



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  1. I love that Ab Fab clip. Genius in the extreme.

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