But which one, Momma?

This would be Harry and William, of royal fame.

Windsors plural 


More importantly, which one would you rather bop/be bopped in the booboo by…?

You know, it’s pertinent ’cause they were on the telly yesterday and things.

Now let’s watch William of Windsor dancing like a dad sort of person.



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4 comments to “But which one, Momma?”

  1. Now see, I would’ve said Harry but after seeing them being interviewed by that Fearn thing yesterday, I’m now going for William. Beautiful eyes, and very charming. Harry’s got a bit of the scally to him. Not in good way.

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  2. Harry. Until he opens his mouth. Wills is boring and balding. Nothing wrong with being bald, but just don’t try a combover when you’re in your 20s.

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  3. […] ‘Don’t knock William Windsor’s dance moves! I was on the dance floor with him and his mates at the after show party and he had his own funky style going on. It was a spectacular party with acrobats, lychee cocktails and a pulsing dance beat. I really enjoyed the show too. Backstage was like music Hollywood. Legends and newbies rubbing shoulders everwhere you looked. Memeorable moments for me were hanging with Tom Jones, Cat Deeley, Puffy, Joss Stone and Take That, Nelly Furtado and of course meeting royalty was teh best icing on the best cake I’ve ever eaten!’ […]

  4. It’d be young Harry’s booboo I’d most like to bop, most definitely, and he can keep his army kit on just like a night down a theme night in Vauxhall. Well most of his kit. Our lovely Consuela and Northern Bastard are right – that lad is thick. Hot of course, but thick.

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