Fag Hag Diary


Let’s hear it for the gays, says FH Niece (aged six).

Er, drink?

Fag Hag Niece has been doing her bit for gay rights again. ‘I’m playing weddings’, the six-year-old darling announced solemnly the other day as she marched a cat and a plastic horse with purple hair up the aisle.

‘That’s lovely sweetheart. What are the names of the boy and girl getting married?’ I asked whilst making a mental note not to go to the same hair colourist as the horse should I ever tie the knot.

‘NOOO! It’s a boy AND a boy,’ she said, with a certain amount of irritation before saying with withering condecension, ‘A boy and a boy gets married as well you silly!’ Which I’m considering getting printed on a t-shirt for the next time I have to walk past the Daily Mail headquarters…

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3 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. J’adore Fag Hag Niece!

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  2. We should get a picture of the youngest ever gay rights campaigner!

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  3. I hope you corrected her and told her that they don’t actually get married, but in fact participate in a legal union known as a civil partnership. IS YOUR NIECE FUCKIN FICK OR WOT? :-)

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