That Kylie 4 Dr Who business

The Kyles and the David.

So it’s been confirmed Kyles Mini-goo is going to be in the Santymas spesh of Doctor Who.

*looks around room; no response*

The BBC said Kylie will play a ‘major lead role’ in an hour-long episode called ‘Voyage of the Damned’, and filming will start west of here in a matter of weeks.

‘It is an incredible thrill to be joining David and the entire Dr Who production for this year’s Christmas special,’ said the K.

What else is she going to say, ‘Kill me now!’?

So in honour of the worst kept secret in televisual-items-filmed-in-Cardiff history, let’s play that game where we guess what part Kylie will play, in the form of artists’ impressions:

Exterminate, bitch. Etc.




Hello doggy.



The end.




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2 comments to “That Kylie 4 Dr Who business”

  1. Wonder whether she’ll play a princess who sings like a princess with a really nice singing voice?

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  2. Wow. Dr. Who gets shit overnight all because of That Cunt Kylie.

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