This just landed on our desk. In July.

In't it big, Momma!

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly this one. The real one melted before we had time to take a dolly picture of it. But the sentiment remains.

So anyways, we would like to write a letter of complaint. See normally come this time of year us ladies ‘n’ gennelmen are merrily of-gathering around the Gennelmen’s Pond on London’s glittering Hampstead Heath for-to swim, have fun times and look at men in Speedos. But oh-oh-oh-no [see exhibit A. The ice thing].

Qu’est ce que c’est que c’est que c’est is going on, non? Is it because the gays are bad people?

Treat this, persons responsible for the weather, as our letter of complaint.

Lots of love,

Wet ‘n’ cold people in London’s glittering London.


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2 comments to “This just landed on our desk. In July.”

  1. I know, it’s totally ridic!!

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  2. I like the rain. It makes people stop and pause, and realise that Pride is really fucking shit.

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