Fag Hag Diary


On/off/on/off? ‘Zzzzzzz,’ says FH.

How old are you again?

So lady Kate has once again booted out smelly Pete with the Peruvian peasant teeth after he allegedly touched front bums with another lady. How long do we give it people before the exciting reunion? How long before she’s draped over him like leprosy at some party for someone who used to be in the Clash and now has privately educated children and a wife who teaches yoga?

As I get older, I notice two¬†things happening. One, I look increasingly like Lesley Joseph; two, I lose all patience with these ‘it’s on/it’s off/it’s on/oops, no it’s off again’ couples. Dramas, turbulence, romantic reunions, locks being changed and possessions being tossed out of windows – it may be wild and poetic when you’re 18, but when you’re pushing 35, it’s just downright common.

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2 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Oh, FH, you’re so on it with these two. The whole not turning up on time at court and lighting up in a pub even after the ban: how old are we? What next? Getting giddy on Bacardi Breezers and wearing a traffic cone on our head?

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  2. I agree, but she’s still Kate Moss and 99 per cent of the time looks cool as fuck, which is essentially all that’s asked of her.

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