Fag Hag Diary


BB’s Laura? Drown the bitch! says FH.

la Faggy.

So there was I, thinking lardy Laura with the washing machine allergy couldn’t possibly get more irritating and then she goes and uses the ‘P’ word. For people who don’t come from some feral place in Wales and don’t use language that died out somewhere in 1973, that’s ‘poof’.

Channel 4 claim that it wasn’t used in a derogatory way, and think a slap on the wrist (which if it was administered yesterday, will presumably still be wobbling) is sufficient. Really?

Why is Emily’s use of a racist word unacceptable and yet Laura’s use of a homophobic one harmless? Shouldn’t it be up to the group it’s deriding to decide whether they find it acceptable or not, rather than C4?

Had Gerry chosen to kick off rather than cooly dismiss it as if a three-year-old who knew no better had just shat in its pants Laura could have found herself in rather deep water this morning – shame, we could have drowned the bitch whilst she was there…

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4 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Oh, so true. And it wasn’t even the first time she’d said it. BB will be all like ‘we took appropriate action’ but, like FH says, why do you get thrown out for using the N word, and lightly told off when you use the P word for the umpteenth time? It’s like that School Report thing on here last week where they found that teachers had a zero tolerance attitude to racist abuse but a much higher threshold for homophobic abuse. Go Fag Hag go!

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  2. Get a grip. So fucking what. she said poof. I personally do not feel threatened or offended by this. People are trying to make something out of nothing.

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  3. But it’s okay to say spaz? Can you explain please?

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