George Melly dies! Boo!


Flamboyant old gay and the man behind Smashing Time, our favourite film ever, shuffles off this mortal coil, no doubt fabulously turned out.

Even in a wheelchair with dementia (which he said he actually enjoyed having!) the jazzman, raconteur and generally fabulous man about London town always cut quite a dash and leaves behind a legacy in the form of that cheeeeenius 60s movie, Smashing Time.

Centred around two ‘dolly birds’ down from Manchester to be part of Swinging London, it is the most fun you can have in front of a TV without a visit to the Prowler Store’s backroom. Watch a bit of it here…

To get you up to speed, Yvonne (fat and blonde) has won the lottery and is spending the money on becoming a pop star (it’s all spookily Kylie/Pete Waterman, especially the bit where they jiggle the vocals of the classic ‘I can’t sing, but I’m young…’ song.) Watch through to the end. Oh, and isn’t that record exec Austin Powers!

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3 comments to “George Melly dies! Boo!”

  1. Literally the most fun I’ve ever had sitting in front of a computer, except for when gaywatch was invented.

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  2. What be this gaywatch of which ye speaks?

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  3. That recording session is surely lost footage of Kylie recording ‘I Should Be So Lucky’!

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