Lights, camera, action, Apple Mac product placement, go!

Sexy ladies. 

OMG, like, OMG. Sex and the City, The Movie, ’tis starting shooting – officially – in September.

*shakes uncontrollably; passes out in front of duplex in the Meatpacking district; wakes up; Big is just as ugly as had previously thought; thinks, ‘If he says “Abso-fucking-lutely” one more time, I will take my copy of the Daily Star with a picture of me taken in 1973 and shove it up his dirty back bottom before shoving a hooker heel sourced by Patricia Fields inside of his skull; runs to editor-with-a-silent-‘t’ and suggests lunch at Pastis, but only if there’s a window seat; sips hot water with a slice of lemon; wears hat at jaunty angle; writes 200 words, earning more per word that any other living journalist; is smug*

That’s it, really. ‘Cause we knew it was going to happen, just didn’t know when. Now we do. Oh good.

These people told us this. Thankings.

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3 comments to “Lights, camera, action, Apple Mac product placement, go!”

  1. I loved the show, but I think doing a movie of it is a terrible idea. That kind of thing’s fine for half and hour, but not a feature-length film. You know it’ll all be just weeding and baby stuff anyway.

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  2. Yeah, I’m not too hopeful.

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  3. Are you people insane!

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