Produce for-to make yourself scientifically more beautiful

Do you have a face?

Would you like said face to attract more gennelmen/ladies/both?

Would you like a produce that does the thing we mentioned above, but also looks nice in your lily-white-on-white bathroom, or non-lily-white-on-white bathroom as the case may be?

Then this little lot may be for you:

Slap it on, get more shags. 

It’s the just-launched-exclusively-in-Selfridges Davi skincare range – for ladies and male gennelmen – and what it is is, a cheeenius new range of care-for-your-skin that’s derived from grapes. F-yes, grapes. But not any old grapes, oh-oh-oh-nooooo. The grapes from really fancy vineyards in the Napa Valley in London’s glittering California.

Some factoids you may like to make a note of:

– Inspired by the anti-oxidant qualities of grapes, Davi utilises fermented grape extracts.

– Created by Carlo Mondavi, grandson of Robert Mondavi, the winemaker (ask someone who knows about these things).

– Researched by clever people in Lyon, who came up with a unique anti-ageing anti-oxidant called ‘Meritage’. That’s inside of it. Natch.

– Contains other natural ingredients like green tea, grape leaf, bilberry, blackcurrant oil, olive, raspberry, rosemary and soybean.

– Le Grand Cru, the face cream, gets its name from the term bestowed upon France’s top vineyards. S’true story.

– Talking of Le Grand Cru, we’ve been using it over ‘ere and can hand-on-heart say we j’adore and are currently sporting silky shiny skin we’re proud to call our own.

– The collection also includes things like Crushed Grape Seed Exfoliating Cleanser and Vine Fresh SPF 15/30 Lotion and Coastal Vine After Shave…

– And c) and d).


Ou se trouve?
Selfridges, or call 0800 123 400.

‘Ow much?
Le Grand Cru, £95 (but sooo worth it). The rest, £18-£30.

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  1. I’ve strangely just started using this stuff on my elbows, which were very dry. I’m very impressed. Elbows now = baby’s bottom. Thanks.

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