Sean off-of Corrie’s got his own talk show!

Say, 'Thursday'.

Sean off-of Corrie aka Antony Cotton aka Sean off-of Corrie’s got his own chat show on the telly, pop-pickers!

The Antony Cotton Show will be an hour-long entertainment (we’ll be the judge of that) offering, with celebrity chat and topical humour (ditto).


*rubs hands together*

… t’will be up against Richard and Judith of Richard and Judy fame.

‘I’m delighted to have been given this opportunity,’ says 31-year-old Antony.

Oh, but don’t worry your poly-cotton blend mittens, Corrie fans – AC’s going nowhere.

‘I love working on Coronation Street and producers have been kind enough to allow me to leave the cobbles earlier in the day to get into the studio next door to make the show.’

Studio? What, so like, Coronation Street’s not real? So, like, Weatherfield est not une real place? The Metrolink doesn’t really trot past those famous cobbles at 15 and 30 minutes past the hour (less frequently on Bank Holidays)? It’s really CGI?

*sobs; takes knife to wrists; slits in the non-fatal direction ’cause it’s just for the attention*

So anyways, The Antony Cotton Show begins it’s first dolly five-week run at 5pm, on ITV1, next month.

‘It’s going to be gossipy, light-hearted, chatty and irreverent, but most of all fun with lots of tea and cake,’ quoth the AC.

Ring-a-dingin’ any bells, late afternoon telly-fans?



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3 comments to “Sean off-of Corrie’s got his own talk show!”

  1. So the show will be filmed in Manchesterford? Expect a high calibre of guest, then. I for one will be on the first show.

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  2. He’ll have to do something about that barnet. Honestly. He gives the gays a bad name, he does.

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  3. He should shave it off, buff hisself up, grow some facial fluff, slop on some fake tan, and become a dolly-bear.

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