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Any-ways, t’seems that ‘lady’ Hugh of Grant fame popped his business inside of – Divine Brown – wants to make more cash dollar out of the whole thing. DB (rings a bell) wants to turn their penage-to-mouth action into a moving picture.


Now let’s play that game where we pretend-pitch a movie script. You know, like in those Orange ads before the filmic device starts at the pictures…

Ms Brown: Hello, I am what is known in the business as a prostitute. That’s, h-o-o-k-e…

Movie mogul: Oh, hi! How aaaaaaaaare you? I am a rich and talented man. How can I helpeth?

Ms Brown: [shifts panties a little to the left. No, right. No, actually, left.] I have a movie script, sir. It’s based on my life and times. A memoir, if you will.

Movie mogul: How exctitement. Give it to me, baby.

Ms Brown: [a little taken aback; eyes dart the room; lets out a bit of wet wee] Oh-oh-oh… [laughing] I see what you mean! Silly old me. Well, I’ve decided to base the movie around the most poignant moments of my career. By which I mean one moment of my career. By which I mean giving that renowned English fop, the lovely and charming Hughy Grant, a blowjob.

Movie mogul: Fancy.

Ms Brown: Yes.

Movie mogul: What is the title to this moving picture of yours?

Ms Brown: Bad Girls.

Movie mogul: As in the Donna Summer smash hit of the late ’70s?

Ms Brown: Mmmm-hmm. It’s what I like to call ironical.

Movie mogul: I’ll give you a thousand million trillion dollars for it. Nicole Kidman will play you; Gerard Depardieu will play Hugh.

Ms Brown: Oh okay.

The end.

Wasn’t that fun, pop-pickers! Now, almost by magic, let’s watch Donna Summer singin’ Bad Girls, with her very own voice. Hooray!

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