Fag Hag Dairy


And FH does rock chick


The Fag Hag will be getting her stadium chic look together this weekend (string bikini teamed with jeans – check, lighter to wield during rock ballad – check, one pair of firm male shoulders to sit on for duration of rock ballad – hmmm. Do male escorts charge by the hour?) because she’s managed to get her manicured little paws on a VIP ticket to Live Earth, the gig that will be using huge amounts of power resources to hightlight…the world’s dwindling natural resources.

Oh. I’ll try not to think of that when I’m backstage working my way through Shane McGowan’s alcohol rider and promise to report back with any juicy tales of bad behaviour from, er, Genesis and um, Damien Rice who got off with Beatrix Potter lady, and a man called David Gray who looks a bit like my accountant.

But on the bright side, our lady of the sacred Madonna will be there, hopefully singing Causing A Commotion to screen clips of polar bears dying, and even better, Fergie off of Black Eyed Peas will be performing. Please, our Lord Baby Jesus, may she not mess herself whilst singing ‘Glamorous’…

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