Fatty Moyles a homophobe: official! The government said so and everything

This is him hiding

Hey fatty boom boom

Chris Moyles, the ‘artist’ also known as Fatty Boom Boom (love, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it) has been officially branded a nasty, dirty, homophobic little cunt. Well, sort of…

Someone very high up in Her Majesty’s Government has made an official government-style comment on the actions and words of one Christopher Moyles on what we’re loosely describing as his ‘radio show’.

Said official government person – namely the new Minister for Children, Kevin Brennan (who we’re liking quite a lot already) – ‘mainstream radio djs’ used homophobic slurs as ‘casual banter’. He’s talking about when Mr. Moyles (who we actually don’t believe is homophobic because we once did an interview with him about how gay he was and he seemed not gay but fairly gay friendly… Anyways, we’re spoiling our own story here) used the word ‘gay’ to mean ‘crap’.

‘Our objective is a society where all minority groups are valued and respected,’ said Kev *shouts of ‘hear hear’ etc* ‘We aren’t there yet.’ And as an example of us not being there yet, he cited ‘the casual use of homophobic language by mainstream radion DJs’. That’s you Mr. Boom Boom. He also said it was about time anti-gay insults were as unacceptable as racist ones.

Big Brother take note.

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