Harry Potter gets saucy. Yes, again!

He can’t keep his kit on, this kid!

Nice leather waistcoat

Well, Daniel Radcliffe is certainly making it clear that he wants to leave the round glasses and school jumpers behind and he’s making it clear in all the right ways: by getting a bit pervy…

First, there was the getting out of his knob in front of hundreds of people on a nightly basis in Equus (and that takes a very special sort of person); now Daniel has done a shoot with photographer Stephen Klein – yes, the man who did those rather racy horse shots of Madonna for W last year – wherein he wears a leather waistcoat (very Coleherne), a leather hood (ditto) and gets his top off (and again…)

All this is for gay-magazine-in-disguise, Details (Excellent! Purchase immediately), where Daniel talks about not getting a hard-on on stage, having a forty-year-old dresser as his best-friend (hello!) and the British press being disappointed he had pubic hair when he was in Equus.

Disappointed? We were relieved. Well, he is 18 for goodness sake. Oh, and here’s another pic.

Off! Off! Off!
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2 comments to “Harry Potter gets saucy. Yes, again!”

  1. I’d so fucking do him dressed like this. He is hot and I love that he’s just 18 and so obviously loving being sexy. Good on you mister.

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  2. I find the eyebrows somewhat sinister

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