Valentino’s superstar-studded celebration of his 45 years (not 44, not 46) years in the fashion biz.

Step inside, love

SJP was in the front row, you could hear Donatella’s skin rustling somewhere, Joan Collins was hob-nobbing with Sienna Miller and if you’d thrown a stick, you’d have hit about five princesses and a marchioness or two…

It was the celebration in Rome of funny little Valentino’s forty-fifth year in the fashion industry. Such an important landmark, isn’t it? 45. According to Ms. Jessica Parker, it was, and we quote (hence the quote marks) ‘the most glamorous fashion show of all time’.

The fashion show, on Saturday, followed the opening of an exhibition of Mr. V’s finest (thats a picture of the entrance up there) and was followed by a gala ball (that’s a ‘do’) at the Galleria Borghese, with another fashion show and dinner for 1,000 of his closest friends.

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