What does Prince smell like? Leathery? Lacy?

Smells like... Now you too can smell like a very small, very talented older man. No, not Beverley Leslie. Prince!

It’s a funny thing, the celebrity fragrance racket. You can see why someone would want to look like, say, J-Lo but why would they want to smell like her? What would she smell of anyway? Dancer’s sweat with top notes of refried beans (if she really is still Jenny from the Block)? Who can say?

So, what does Prince’s new fragrance, 3121, which went on sale at Macy’s yesterday, actually, you know, smell of?

It’s a white floral scent, apparently, ‘that opens with a fresh sparkle of crisp bergamot’. Oh, we like the sound of that. Then there’s ‘opulent jasmine and gardenia’. Then there’s orange blossom and ylang ylang (which you thought was a song by the Bay City Rollers, didn’t you?) Then, unsurprisingly for someone who has always channelled Hendrix, there’s patchouli and sandalwood.

We’re guessing this is a perfume for ladies of both sexes. It’ll cost you $70 for three and a half ounces exclusively from Macy’s.

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