Why can’t our Big Brother be more like this?

While the boy crumpet on our BB consists of a portly Greek gay (quite nice, mind) and a tree surgeon who is in denial about actually needing to lose a few pounds, the Americans are served up this…

The jeans are ridiculous! Take them off immediately.

His name is Nick, he’s not exactly a gay but he’s not exactly NOT a gay either. And there are two other gays in there, who used to be boyfriends and one of them seems to be getting off with… Oh, follow us over the jump and hear more and see more pics…

So, Nick. Apparently not gay even though he’s been pictured doing this…

Hold me, kiss me, thrill me

… with one of the other gays (look at that man smile!) He’s also admitted in a conversation in a hot tub – or Jacuzzi as they’re known in some parts of the world – that he has given a man a blow job. And he’s not even a rugby player as far as we know.

OK, Big Brother Over Here: can you now chuck out boring bloody Zac and get one like this?

Let’s watch him in that hot tub/Jacuzzi prick-teasing that poor little gay…

(Thanks towleroad for tipping us the wink).

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4 comments to “Why can’t our Big Brother be more like this?”

  1. There’s never EVER been any sexy guy on UK Big Brother. You see bits from all the other countries and it’s wall-to-wall hotties and ours is full of tossers.

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  2. I totally read that as ‘why can’t our big brother be like this?’ like you wanted a hot older brother. My heart skipped a beat.

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  3. Your point being, Floy?

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  4. Hot body. But hats indoors? Cuntish.

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