Comin’ backatcha

Do you remember these characters?

Hello, nice lady...

No, sorry these ones.

Comin' atcha back then in 1922

There was some Madonna connection which we can’t quite remember but we do seem to remember that there was a lot of jumping around and it all seemed quite fun until they asked us to actually go out and part with good money to buy one of their records. Or tracks or whatever you’re calling these things this day.


One of them is back! Cleo, who seemed to drop the Pat and Ra at about the same time as she dropped her two sisters, is making a comeback.

This is what she looks like now. Hasn’t she grown? etc.

Touch my back bottom

The track is well… imagine Amerie. Now imagine it not being quite as good. Now imagine trying to reverse a car round the corner at the same time… mmm, not good.

Anyway you can discover more over on her myspacery here. Fingers crossed it will be as good as the B*Witched reunion.

Now remember how good the original was. Yeah. Or something…

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