Fag Hag Diary


It’s FH’s B’day, everyone! Only Fagster’s in no mood to celebrate. (Boo.)

Hello lovely French boy slash Olivier Martinez 

Cue the Altered Images music please, because today the Fag Hag turns… oh please, don’t you know there are two things a lady never reveals – one is her age and the other is the fact that she once slept with someone from Newcastle. Yes, today is my birthday… will I be out partying with La Harsh or sipping cocktails on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht before going ashore to pick up a few young French boys? Sadly not, because the poor old Fag Hag is celebrating her birthday in bed, not with a firm-thighed hottie, but with horrendous flu.

I know it’s flu rather than a measly cold because I couldn’t even muster the energy to change the channel when Jeremy Kyle came on.

Fag Hag Family are popping round later to drop off some birthday trinkets but most importantly I get an excuse to watch Angela Rippon prancing around in a powder blue trouser suit on Cash in the Attic and Des O’Conner (the dad who’s so old he genuinely got a hernia from picking up his child) on Countdown – what could be nicer birthday treat than that? Sniffly love to y’all from the birthday girl.

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  1. A very happy birthday to you Hagster!

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