Reason #72823498.6 why we j’adore Sienna Miller.

And, action! 

We enjoy Sienna Miller, ’tis true.

Here is more evidence of just pourquoi we j’adore S of M. It’s an interview in which she talks about her new filmic device, er, Interview. 

And if you can’t be arsed reading the interview, in a nutty shell Sienna Miller is a fun sort of person, you know, like, doesn’t take life too seriously, likes getting off her tits, and we’d happily touch front bottoms with her.

The end.

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3 comments to “Reason #72823498.6 why we j’adore Sienna Miller.”

  1. What’s to like about Sienna Miller? She is no better than a WAG. She has achieved nothing of note, her films have all bombed, and she lives only to have her photo in the rags. She’s a totally useless cunt.

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  2. here here….utterly pointless. Go away immediately.

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  3. i think she sounds fun, which is the most important thing in my book. and if you’d cared to actually watch a film of hers, she’s actually a very good actress. Revelatory in Factory Girl, in fact.

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