See this female lady?

Tori of Spelling.

This is Tori Spelling (hi!) and she’s only gone and married two men. Of the same sex. Who are gays.

*is shocked. Passes out, narrowly missing a Louis IX side-table on top of which sits a Tiffany lamp AND a 17th Century locket containing a miniature of royal whore and fun person, Nell Gwyn*

Anyways, Tori, who used to be on that Beverly Hills 90210 show and now has a real-life show with her real-life husband, called Tori & Dean; Inn Love, became a ‘reverend’ via an interdolly application in order to marry these – what are we calling them? – gays, at the B&B she runs for-to make money and provide material for that Tori & Dean show we mentioned. Innit.

‘I was so honoured when the couple asked me to officiate,’ quoth the TS. ‘We did it on the front steps of the Chateau.’

Er, now’s hardly the time for that sort of talk…

‘Forty of their friends looked on seated in a lounge-like atmosphere.’

The fun’s in the detail, pop-pickers.

Anywho, here’s more info on the story of which we speak.



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  1. What a lovely heart-warming story.

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  2. Reminds me of my wedding.

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