David Beckham in ‘actually looks like he might have penage’ shocker!

Look! Actual bulge!


Never mind what those magazines say when you can see a tiny button of a bulge in a football short worn by Mr. Beckham, it has always seemed like he probably had a very dinky willy. To us experts at any rate. And there’s nothing to sniff at in a small front business.

But then this picture emerged on the front of a Spanish-language magazine and all of a sudden we’re thinking maybe there is something in it (‘it’ being his Speedo). It looks perky, fat and rather delicious and maybe that Speedo goes see-through when it gets wet! See a close-up here…

 We don’t mind if we do.

Boing 2!


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3 comments to “David Beckham in ‘actually looks like he might have penage’ shocker!”

  1. Pigs. But it is rather nice-looking.

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  2. […] If you don’t like this, you might like his front bottom instead. […]

  3. cool, man. i’ve posted several of beck’s bulges, but hadn’t seen this one.


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