Mika? J’adore.

There is a reason for this, ‘part from his general boppability…

*re-arranges lily-white panties*

Mika + art

Anyways, night before last (yesterday was what is known in the business as a ‘blur’, owing to what is about to follow) was the opening shindigaroo for Mika’s muchos anticipated exhibition of art at the Blink Gallery on London’s glittering Poland Street.

There now follows a synopsis of said lovely event, in the form of bullet points followed by pictures:

– We laughed

– We cried

– We sucked on lollipops

– We looked at art

– We made inappropriate comments to Mika

– We chatted to his old college mate/accompanyist and some of his Big Girls

– We quaffed shandy booze until there was no shandy booze/dignity left in the room slash gallery space

– We enjoyed Mika’s trainers, of which he has eleven pairs. These are they:

Eleven, you say?

– We went up the road for more beers at a bear bar with Booby Tuesday and Le Gateau Chocolat, pictured below wearing pink ruffles and a sort of Frenchy look 

– And c) and d)

Before we look at the pictures, here are few things you need to know about Mika up-close-and-personal:

– He has lovely skin and teeth

– He is razor thin

– He is very well-mannered in a quite old-fashioned sort of way

– He… actually we better stop there before we reveal ourselves to be totally smitten

Now let’s look at nice pictures full of fun:

That's right. A rose between dot-dot-dot A whole load of breast-age Guess what else has been in this mouth... Go on, guess! Not afraid of colour.

The end.

Blink est here, btw.

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6 comments to “Mika? J’adore.”

  1. Mika’s like some sort of wunderkind, no?

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  2. I love how you’re so comfortable with your hypocrisy. You criticise the very out Jake Shears for not singing about gay love, but don’t say a word about Mika who ‘refuses to discuss his sexuality’. Okay he sings about gay boys kissing … but is apparently ashamed that he might be known to kiss boys himself.

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  3. The difference between Jake Shears and Mika is that the former’s a twat, Mika isn’t. What’s nice about Mika is that his sexuality – whatever it may be – isn’t an issue, though the media have made it one. Besides, if he’s cracking America then we all know he has to remain in the closet (whether he wants to or not), otherwise them retards in the square states won’t buy his records. Sad, but true.

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  4. Hooray for those of us non-retards in the round states, who’ve all ready sussed out his fabulousness and could give two poops in Britney’s handbag for his sexuality. What important is that Mika’s a doll w/ Uncle Freddie’s voice and sense of fun. Can’t wait to see him live!

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  5. ‘Tis true what you say, ‘Saint’, very true….

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  6. Mika was signed by his label to cash in on finding a camp Scissor Sisters sound-a-like ,,, if it wasn’t for them, he might not have a career. End of. *wavey hand thing*

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