We give it three issues…

Gay men? Sports? Have you gone plum crazy?

Sports night at Central Station

Here is a picture of some semi-hot guys from the very first edition of a new magazine (well, it would be new, wouldn’t it, if this was the very first edition) called Sports Out Loud.

The ‘Out’ bit would refer to the fact that this is a gay sports mag. The ‘Loud’ bit would refer to the fact that there are lesbians in it (only joking! God!) We love a gay magazine to do well but there are several reasons we think this one won’t and they are, in no particular order…

Firstly, there are barely enough gays who want gay magazines to support a general gay rag, so if you start niching to this extent, you’ll be aiming at about fourteen people who own rugby shorts (for actually playing rugby in…)

Secondly, gay and lesbian magazines tend not to work, not only because these groups have such different ideas about stuff, but because you end up buying a magazine half of which isn’t aimed at yourself.

Thirdly, sports! Boring! We all like a nice picture of a boy in skimpies (and they’ve cleverly made this first issue the swimwear special – keep those coming, people) as much as the next man/woman/dog on heat, but we don’t want to have to read about leagues or form or physio. Actually, phsyio might just scrape in.

Despite our reservations, we wish the ladies and gennelman at Sports Out Loud (or SOL) all the very heartiest best wishes and look forward to the next swimwear special (next issue if you’re smart). Just don’t come crying to us.

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  1. why would i buy this rather than….? oh.

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  2. You didn’t mention another reason it won’t work: the word ‘out’ is so OUT it’s not even funny. The British bit of Out.com just closed so it’s not a good sign straight away.

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