G-A-Y, ta-ta?

A whole load of gayery. 

London’s glittering G-A-Y venues plural may be for the chop, ’cause the company that owns ’em – Mean Fiddler – has announced that it’s considering an offer from music and entertainment investors, MAMA. No relation to MIA.

Melvin Benn, Mean Fiddler’s managing director, did sayeth the following:

‘We consider the offer to be positive and are currently awaiting confirmation of that offer being confirmed before a final decision is to be taken. We anticipate the offer to be formalized in early August.’

It’s thought ‘confirm’ is Mel’s current favourite verb.

And in similar news, the Astoria is potentially for the whatsit, if government plans to turn it into new a Cross Rail station get the go-ahead, as t’were.

More bumf on the above, here.



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2 comments to “G-A-Y, ta-ta?”

  1. Say it isn’t so! What are we going to do when we need to hear a Bananarama track while drinking brightly coloured alcoholic drinks if G-A-Y goes? Hmmm?

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  2. Will it mean the likes of Hazell Dean selling copies of the Big Issue in Soho now, ’cause they depend on G-A-Y for their living those people?

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