Get fit like this man and have fun (horrible sofa not required)

Nasty rug!

You know how they’ve found that people who have Wii are actually getting fitter simply because it requires you to do more than just sit there and gaze at the telly while forcing Hob Nobs down an already narrowed-by-cholesterol gullet?

Well, the Wii people (Nintendo, we think they’re called)┬áhave taken things one step further and have invented the Wii Balance Board (they might change that name though, they’re not sure), which works with WiiFit (not to be confused with e-fit, which is what they use over at Crimewatch).

What it is is…

A Balance Board which works your ‘core’, by which they mean your stomach muscles and your side and your back and lots of other bits but mainly your stomach.

You can play a bunch of games like Hoola Hoops or heading footballs or you can be challenged to do press ups or transfer weight from one fat leg to another, all of which gives you a work-out of sorts while activating the brain at the same time.

You can do aerobics on it, yoga, stretching, all sorts. Oh, and it fits nice and snug under that abdominiser you never use either. Isn’t it great when keeping fit is just a question of spending more money? Read all about it here

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