Look at these gay gennelmen having some fun that may or may not lead to bumming…

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Now imagine a world where any bumming – or even any hint of bumming – would ruin your career and could land you in clink. That was the world 40 years ago (when we say ‘world’, we mean of course ‘the UK’) before the Homosexual Reform Act made consensual bumming between men over the age of 21 NOT punishable by the lady law.

To celebrate the decriminalisation of what gay men do best, Channel 4 have commissioned a mini gay season of dramas and documentaries, most of which look pretty good. Have a look at the line-up after the jumpy…

First up, next Saturday at 9pm is A Very British Sex Scandal, the true-life story of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu (now famous for old cars) who was had up for his ‘friendship’ with Peter Wildeblood. The film is a mixture of drama and documentary with Lord Montagu’s very own head talking.

Then on the Sunday at 10pm is the drama we’ve mentioned here before called Clapham Common by Kevin Elyot about how, OK, we might have got pretty much every equality we ever dreamed of but are still in danger of being beaten to death on Clapham Common.

On Tuesday next week there’s the saucily titled How Gay Sex Changed the World, which is not so much about how now everyone takes it up the arse and is intimate with the oeuvre of Triga but how the legalisation of the whole gay thing shook the country up a little. Expect talking heads from the likes of Sir Jimmy of Somerville and ‘My partner’ David Furnish.

Last up is Queer as Old Folk, a documentary on how even men as old as 75 can have a gay old time since that Act was passed. All in all, a pretty fine effort on the part of those Channel 4 people. Hooray! Well done you etc.

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  1. As if anyone in the 50s would have had half decent bodies like this. They’d have been white and blobby.

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