Borat is one of the boys!

Look at this cheeky T-shirt.

Out and proud

If you thought that lime green monokini thing Borat wore in his movie was screaming, just look at this T-shirt Borat-man Sacha Baron-Cohen is wearing now! And we actually believe he is gay even if he’s just wearing this as a joke (a very hilarious one!). Look at the trousers! What is this, The Hoist?

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One comment to “Borat is one of the boys!”

  1. Now normally, red is a good colour on most people; also normally, tall, dark-haired gentlemen can carry of most colours (so long as they’re not fatties) – so theoretically, this should be a good look on him. SBC is, it seems, an exception. ps. Ditch the hat.

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