Oh, we loves them Frenchies!

Guess what this is trying to sell… and to whom!

Harder, harder

No, it’s not a scene from your darkest fantasies, the gay version of Dieux du Stade or an out-take from the action at one of glittering London’s sports fetish nights (thought it could well be).

Find out what it is, see the whole thing – with hands going up jumpers and arses getting a good squeeze – and download it for your wallpaper, by heading over this direction… Oh, and can you believe we got through that whole story without once using the term ‘rugger buggers’?

It’s an official advert to promote Paris to Londoners. And yes, we already have hot Eurostar tickets in our pockets. Summink to do with the Rugby World Cup being held in Paris… But frankly we don’t care what it is, we’re off.

Look at the detail. And go here to download the big version for your screensaver.

Wish you were an odd-shaped ball?

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  1. That is horn-tastic. Oh to be in the middle of that scrum. What it is with French rugby players loving to get sexy? Bring it on.

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  2. They’re not going to allow this on the Tube then, are they? if they won’t allow the GT one.

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  3. Lilian McBeef says:

    What nice boys they all seem!!

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  4. Dennis the absolute Menace says:

    Dirty boys. Save it for the showers.

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